Couples and Family Counseling in New Jersey

Is your relationship struggling? Do you feel you have fallen out of love or has your partner fallen out of love with you? Are you arguing more than cuddling? Has there been a betrayal of trust? Are you figuring out how to put the pieces back together? Is your family in need of positive re-connection and/or healing from a traumatic event or struggle? Are you tired from trying to figure it all out by yourself and need some guidance on how to help your family?

Couples and Family Therapy is helpful for couples and families who may be experiencing marital discord, grief and loss, personal histories of abuse or trauma, and infidelity. Family therapy is also effective for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, difficult breakups or divorce, history of abuse or trauma, and unresolved grief.  Family therapy can be life-changing for families in transition,  such as families struggling with divorce and/or new stepfamilies, death of a family member, or a traumatic family event. 

Finding the right therapist for support, understanding, and guidance can make a huge difference. Colleen is experienced with helping couples and families work through difficult times and heal their relationships, get to know more about her.

What to expect :

  • Utilizing a Structural Family Therapy approach coupled with Emotionally Focused Therapeutic techniques, couples and family members are guided in the experience of positively transforming and healing their relationships.
  • Couples and Families enter an Interpersonal and Empathetic relationship with the therapist.
  • Couples and Family Members learn to communicate more authentically with improved emotional intelligence and awareness.
  • Couples and Families identify obstacles blocking their paths to personal happiness and fulfillment, and remove the obstacles one-by-one.
  • Couples and Families work together to release themselves from shame and/or self-esteem issues.
  • Couples and Families collaborate together with their therapist to overcome depressive thoughts, anxiety, self-destructive behaviors, and/or fears of intimacy in a relationship.

Couples and Family Therapy is appropriate for families or partners who want to work on their relationship and themselves.

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