Be True to Yourself!

So, you have tried everything: you have communicated your feelings to your loved ones, you listened with an open heart as they responded, you allowed yourself feelings of sadness without reproaching yourself for feeling down, you stayed aware of your feelings instead of escaping or avoiding them, and you were kind and patient with yourself as you went through the process of letting go of hurt and baggage from your past.  Check. Check. Check!  

And yet… you are still feeling fatigued, still struggling with distrust, still questioning why life is so hard sometimes.   How come the past will not just stay in the past?  How come your nervous system is still being hyper-activated anytime your antenna senses negativity from another or you find yourself worried you might not be up to standard (yours or another’s) at a job or at home?  How come it is still difficult to just relax, smell the roses, and live in the moment?  What is still lingering that is draining you EVEN THOUGH you are doing your best?

It is the million-dollar question and the reason the self-help book industry is such a raving success.  There is no cookie cutter answer to happiness; it’s a personal journey.  It requires honest self-appraisal.   It relies on you having the courage to speak your truth, not only to yourself, but to all others who walk with you on your path.  It is a knowing that destiny is not a map written in stone, but an etch-a-sketch erased nightly to be re-created day after day.

Ask yourself:

Have you accepted yourself fully?  Do you forgive yourself and others?  Have you truly let go of past hurt and anger?  Is there a conversation you still need to have in order to have closure? Do you need to cry a little more? 

Are you being true to yourself?  There is ONLY ONE YOU in our magnificent world.  You are both captain and ship.  Your storms are yours to navigate, be it with friend or foe, tempest or surrender.  Your calm seas are yours to breathe in and cultivate gently within your spirit.   Your story is yours to write.  Write it well!  Be true to your heart, spirit, and dreams.  And share it with the world, so that we may all learn from you as well.

Be Brave and Love.

copyright ©2013-2017 Colleen Marie Cavanagh