“I'm so happy I found her!"

“Colleen is the best, she brought me back to life! She helped me find my strength and self-love. I've been seeing her for a year and half and it's been life changing, she makes you feel understood and validates your feelings while working hard to make you see your true value, digging deep inside taking me back into my childhood, making me understand why I am who I am. I've never felt judged, even when I don't follow her advice! I look forward each week for our appointment, sitting with her is like sitting with a best friend, she remembers everything and makes you feel comfortable. I'm so happy I found her!”

Mother of a teenage daughter struggling with depression:

“What can I say about Colleen... Her very presence puts you at ease immediately. I could have gone to someone in my network, but the only person I trusted to treat my daughter for her depression was Colleen. My daughter started doing so much better after her sessions. Whenever I come across someone who needs help, I always refer them to Colleen immediately. What she does for her patients is truly a gift.” 

"She helped me transform into the person I am today"

“I have been working with Colleen for five years now and I can’t stress how kind and patient she has been. I have suffered from a lot of childhood trauma and had crippling anxiety entering early adulthood. Colleen placed such unbreakable confidence in me when I had none for myself. She didn’t just listen to me, she also challenged me. She saw areas of opportunity within me and challenged me to grow. She sought out the things that haunted me and brought them to light. She taught me to make peace with myself and my past. She helped me transform myself into the person I am today and I can’t thank her enough.

She would say that I did all of it, but, I could not have done it without her. Because of her teachings and support, I feel a calm and measured confidence in my ability to navigate the chaos and majesty that is life.”