About Colleen Cavanagh

Colleen M. Cavanagh, LCSW Located in Montclair, New JErsey  Got a question? Call Colleen -    (201) 362-5793

Colleen M. Cavanagh, LCSW Located in Montclair, New JErsey
Got a question? Call Colleen - (201) 362-5793

Colleen considers herself primarily a couples and family therapist and encourages clients to invite family members and close family friends to sessions whenever possible. Therapy sessions with children and adolescents will predominantly be family therapy sessions.

Colleen believes that healing and emotional well-being are supported by strengthening our relationships and positive connections with others. When we are able to communicate our thoughts and feelings to those we care about, and then feel validated and heard, we are better able to thrive, connect, and be our best selves. Family therapy sessions are designed to help family members learn how to correct negative patterns, such as avoidance, or blaming, and replace these negative patterns with more positive and healthy interactions.

Colleen specializes in the following areas:

  • Structural Family Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy

  • Helping clients overcome Depression and/or Anxiety Issues

  • Assisting clients in healing from Trauma or Childhood Abuse

  • Breaking the cycle of alcohol and/or drug addiction

  • Children and adolescents who are displaying sexual behavior problems, and adjudicated youth who have been convicted of a sexual offense

  • Children and Adolescents with severe mental health disorders; such as suicidality, cutting, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder

  • Helping couples heal from infidelity, betrayal of trust, loss of romantic connection, or a traumatic family event

  • Helping individuals and families process a family member having a serious illness, such as a cancer diagnosis or the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Self-actualization work: assisting clients in achieving higher levels of self-understanding, empathy, productivity, and personal fulfillment in their lives

  • Spiritual Guidance, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Yoga Therapy