Cancer Support and Therapy in New Jersey

In 2013, there were an estimated 14,140,254 people living with cancer in the United States of America. A cancer diagnosis can feel devastating for an individual and their family. It can bring up fear, uncertainty, confusion, and sadness. What will treatment be like? Will I be ok? Will my family be ok? Will I survive? How is my life going to change? Why is this happening to me? A therapist can help you move through all the stages of grief, help you work through your fears, and support you as you figure out your mental and emotional approach to your treatment. 

Finding the right therapist for support, understanding, and guidance can make a huge difference. Colleen is a survivor just like you, get to know more about her.

What to expect :

  • Experience a Mindfulness therapeutic approach that emphasizes Awareness, Courage, and Self-Acceptance.
  • Enter an Interpersonal and Empathetic relationship with your therapist.
  • You will be guided in how to process your grief in a healthy and self-accepting way.
  • Your therapist will help you find the strength and courage to move through your cancer journey with self-compassion and grace.
  • You will receive Empathy, Acceptance, and Understanding while you process your diagnosis, and progress through your cancer treatment.
  • You will be provided with tools to support you, as well as, keys to the emotional healing process. 
  • Family sessions will be provided to help your loved ones understand and process what is happening, so that they can better support you, and receive support themselves.

Cancer Support Therapy is appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment, and family members who are seeking support.

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